The Palais des Papes is an historical palace located in Avignon, southern France. Once a fortress and palace, the papal residence stands as the mighty symbol of the church’s influence throughout the western Christian world in the 14th century. Construction was started in 1335 and completed in less than twenty years under the leadership of two builder popes, Benedict XII and his successor Clement VI. The Palais des Papes is the biggest Gothic palace in all of Europe (15,000 m2 of floor space, which is the equivalent of 4 Gothic cathedrals).  It is one of the most visited monuments in all of France.



By car

There are two possible ways to come by car to Avignon:

  • The first possibility is to take the Highway A7 or A9 and take the exit Avignon Sud/Nord (depending whether coming from the south or the north) and the exit Remoullin respectively.
  • The second possibility is to take the national roads RN7 and RN100.


By train

The train station Avignon TGV is outside of Avignon but it is connected by the rail link "Virgule" to the station Avignon centre. Tickets can purchased directly on the Railway company website Oui.SNCF:

Some additional information can be found here


By flight

There are many possibilities to come to Avignon by flight.

  • From Lyon Saint-Exupery airport and the Marseille Provence airport there is a connection to the train stations Gare Avignon Centre and Gare Avignon TGV.
  • From the Charles de Gaulles airport (Paris), a connection to the train stations Gare Avignon Centre and Gare Avignon TGV is available.

The airport Avignon Provence, is connected to Avignon by the bus ligne n°30, direction "Avignon Poste", bus stop "Avignon Poste.
Finally, a shuttle service is available to go from the airport  Nîmes Arles Camargue to the train station of Nîmes and then there is a connection by train to Avignon.



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